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The Animaris is a Tourist Entertainment company based in Faro. The company’s primary target is the “Nature Tourism”, since its founding in 1986, has always been the respect and protection of the environment. This business was inspired by our Operations Director’s lifelong interest in photography, boats, birdwatching and his interest about local history and heritage, social and environmental issues and the observation that the Ria Formosa Natural Park was, and still is, a beautiful, valuable and vastly underused resource. The idea for birdwatching boat trips on the lagoon system was received with great enthusiasm by the tourist.
The Ria Formosa Natural Park and is the main stage for the development of a wide range of activities that aim to contribute to the discovery and enjoyment of natural and cultural values of the region. Our equipment is very diverse: several different manning vessels (10, 22, 26, 30, 96 and 200 passengers), a restaurant on the island and supplies for the beach service.
Animaris is proud to present an opportunity for birders and nature enthusiasts to venture to the european continent hidden place. For these remarkable voyages, we present itineraries that offer maximum opportunities for viewing the birds of the Ria Formosa Natural Park. For birders and nature-oriented travelers this is essential and also for those who love the sea.
With many years of experience researching, designing and operating sightseeing nature tours in Algarve, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer complete, customized trip tours to small and large groups and individuals. Come with us and experience one of the world’s most fulfilling adventures. Our nature adventures focus on wildlife viewing, outdoor activities and natural history. We offer customized, guided nature tour for family, corporate visitors, school groups, tourists and locals. Our boats depart from Faro, Porta Nova’s Pier to the Island, most breathtaking natural settings in the Oceanside area, with lifeguard facilities,
sunshades, loungers, pedaloes and kayaks.
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Flexibility is our main objective, in which saying "no" is virtually unacceptable unless we are offering exciting alternatives. This allows our clients to feel comfortable communicating any ideas during the coordinating process. Situations constantly change and new opportunities arise, making a sense of adaptability a necessary character trait in our corporate culture. That means that we are accustomed to thinking on our feet, so to speak, to offer our clients nothing but the finest and most personalized charter experience.


Creativity is our main goal. Each event on our boat requires creative thinking in the planning process to customize each event to the client's tastes. Animaris can help maximize your visibility during area signature events. Our company must be creative to succeed and be willing to help stimulate new and fresh ideas. Our target is woven through our entire company for your complete satisfaction, and it is our dedication to that goal that drives us to "Make It Happen" for each and every customer. We truly want all of our events and charters to become cherished memories for the entire group.


Versatility is the driving force to make all the events possible. We have the access and resources to implement each event through a versatile staff and company. We have many boats trained staff available that can be called to duty with very little advance notice. In today's changing economy, versatility is all-important. Our goals are simply to be flexible in working with our clients, creative in helping plan a memorable charter and versatile in the implementation of a smooth and satisfying event. It is our dedication to inspiring business that has taken us to the top in our industry.

Support is given through an organized team

Animaris is committed to providing the total quality travel experience to all our customers. We endeavor to create a product that would make us truly proud and our customers satisfied.

Our aim is to accord our customers an experience which they would remember us by, through a consistent effort to enhance our service delivery and regular trainings of our employees. We constantly try to improve our current systems and policies with our customers in mind.

Our commitment to deliver the service expected of us and which our customers rightfully deserve is a primary and foremost goal.

Certified & Inspected

Our tour boats are IPTM (Portuguese Institute for Port and Maritime Transport) Certified & Inspected for passengers, all fleet are very stable and safe. All seagoing vessels registered in the Portugal are assigned to a specific class, which defines their type of permitted use, determines which certification they must hold and specifies the inspection and survey regime required to comply with this certification. These classes are established and assigned by the IPTM, who also approve surveys and inspections.

Green business...

The lack of any public infrastructure meant that we had to come up with ideas for producing energy, making drinking water and dealing with drains. the solar power plant we installed meets 90% of the restaurant energy needs and the oil we use for frying is treated for use as a fuel in the generator. Water is collected in the dune, disinfected, desalinated and purified by reverse osmosis.
After all these years, we are still working to be able to offer you the same paradise as ever. And this is something we guarantee, with pride.

Algarvian Cuisine

As you are exploring the beauty of Ria Formosa Natural Park, you can taste our very special algarvian food with a 180º panoramic view over the coastline, “O Estaminé” restaurant provides the final touch for your experience, giving you the opportunity to sample seafood and fish in regional dishes handed down from generation to generation of fishermen an riverside folks. The freshest fish, often caught right there in the channel. Clams, prawns, baby clams, not to mention cuttlefidh and squid, the salads and the alternatives to meat dishes. Family reunions, parties, weddings are our specialty. Let Island adventure tours put together an exciting and memorable itinerary that is custom-designed for your family's needs. Deserta Island is the ideal spot for an eco-adventure trip that your family will never forget.

Providing exceptional customer service

When you have questions about our products, we want to answer them right away. You can contact our support team who take pride in giving you the best customer support. Working with you to make the world a better place is our mission, and we are dedicated to providing you with prompt, accurate, and courteous service every time.
• We aim to deliver the best possible service to all our passengers.
• We are innovative always looking for better ways of doing things, to satisfy our customers.
• We will offer you service that is courteous as well as attentive.
• We always display name badges so that you will know who you are dealing with at all times.
By establishing a team of satisfied, knowledgeable, and experienced employees, we are able to provide you with an unmatched customer support experience. To maximize the effectiveness of our support team, we equip our staff with the tools and information they need to better serve you.

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